AN UP-TO-DATE TYPE OF GUY Bringing to us indeed a new and refined  prospective into Reggae Dancehall music, a new musical exodus delivering all the basic’s of hip hop and dancehall in his recording and  performance with his own unique style to make his songs emotional and  appealing having his fans begging for more. Dave Ferguson AKA Ghetto-T a born Jamaican, grew-up in Waterhouse Kingston and Spanish Town Damhead  former employee at Globe ground Toronto Pearson Airport first  acknowledge his true passion for music at the tender age of 8 admiring  his idol Ninja Man for whom inspired him to be an artist. At first it  was a rough struggle to sacrifice music for making a “day to day” living, selling in down -town Kingston market and at night tried to peek a little of the raw community free style talent around. Trying to make  more positive changes to his life Ghetto-T moves to St. Maarten as work  become his focus but still trying to balance with his music, but it as  in Canada where he put his best foot forward to present to you his first single and album. Here he presents to us these Blazing, Energetic,  Controversial and profound songs each self-explanatory and clear to the  ear and embedded is a peace of everyone’s life situation bringing that  natural field back into music. Ghetto-T has proven to be a dedicated and versatile artist in his writing and lyrical ability by mixing his retro dancehall style vocals together with today’s vocal styles. His 1 focus  is his audience and his blessing is their responds All songs are written and performed by Dave  Ferguson aka Ghetto T            Image


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