St Maartens tarnished image abroad

Come on people,

why does it seem that only a few people care about the direction St Maarten is headed?

Except for an article in The Daily Herald,  and some very diligent bloggers St Maarten online.

I guess they feel that it will go away.

Anyway, this is J with AdloftM, of course things are not going as fast as we hoped, but it’s getting done.

We’ve added over 10.000 contacts in LESS THAN TWO WEEKS.

Our blogs have added over 200 followers in 1 WEEK!

Our blog insights show that we went from none existent last week, to over 800 visits this Sunday.

We’ve added K. Hardeman, B. Cannegieter, J. Roumou, A. Brown, C. Panthophlet, J. Burnettt and D. Roumou

Thanks for all of the positive feedback, the hits, the comments.

I do the video/ picture uploads, and I add the blog feed to our network,

anyone interested  in adding their blog contact Ad Loftm on Facebook.


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